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Blue Light Filter Glasses German-Engineered with crystal clear clarity.  Filtering the undesirable High Energy Visible (HEV) Blue to Violet Light.  Stylish custom acetate frames, certified lenses sourced in Australia, protect your eyes when using your digital smart devices.  Solens Australian Blue Light Glasses company

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    Clinically Tested Blue Light Filtering Glasses

    Consciously created for your eyes



    Available in custom prescription, magnification and simple reader options for versatility and meeting your needs

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    Custom unisex styles for our plugged-in lifestyles

    SOLENS are clinically tested to filter the most undesirable wavelengths of light from technology and artificial light sources


    Crystal clear lens and proven clarity

    Our lens are Australian sourced, engineered for optimal protection and are perfect for technology users, gamers and indoor employees


    Kid styles available

    Our "Mini's" are designed to protect our youngest generation


    Why You Need Solens?

    How is your Screentime?

    How is your Screentime?

    In 2017, a study on 1000 Australians (18+) found that we are spending on average 9.4hrs (cumulative) in front of a screen on a daily basis. 

    And sleeping only an average of 7.4hrs daily, hence we are spending more time in front of a screen than asleep.

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