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What is Blue Light?

 Blue Light, Blue-Rich, Blue-Violet, High Energy Visible (HEV) Light. 

To understand blue light we must first understand what is light?Sunlight emits all the colours of the rainbow remember Roy-G-Biv - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet- These light waves when combined create the ‘white light’ we see. 

Sunrise and sunset emit a higher proportion of red-to-orange light.  Throughout the rest of the day we receive the full spectrum of light including blue.

Never in nature do we receive blue light without the rest of the light spectrum.

Blue light carries the highest amount of energy per photon in comparison to other light on the visible light spectrum, hence why it is often referred to as “High Energy Visible” or HEV Blue Light.

Blue Light Visible Light Spectrum

LED lighting has been rolled out in our homes since 2008 and along with it the use of smart devices has greatly increased and while this technology has a huge economical and social benefit to humanity the light produced by LED is a significant change from our historical lighting of fire light, flame lamps, and incandescent globes which all emitted a more warmer light similar to sunset/sunrise with minimal blue.

At present LED lighting is used for any backlit smart devices such as laptops, phones, smart watches, TV and is also predominantly used for street lamps, car headlights, indoor home, office and hospital lighting and signage- in reality we are using many of these lighting sources concurrently such as watching TV, while sitting under LED lights and scrolling on our smart devices.  

There are many studies which now indicate artificial light may have a profound and unintended consequences on human health and while we are grateful for this incredible technology we must take the time to learn about, and mitigate our exposure to artificial blue light.

Artificial BLUE LIGHT is everywhere AND 24 hours per day.